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Who is Céline Joyce Douay?


The dynamism of the entrepreneur, the creativity of the artist, the intuition of the medium are the energies that drive Céline Joyce Douay. It is at the heart of a constellation of leaders within which the world of tomorrow is co-created. In connection with the multi-dimensions, she is the bearer of new inspiration for humanity.

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Former Director of Sales for Europe for an important name in e-commerce based in London, great adventurer who traveled to more than forty countries, Céline underwent a total stripping in 2012. Only two options present themselves: to let oneself die or to go, on the path of transcendence, in search of one's inner truth. She then begins a long spiritual journey, strewn with pitfalls but guided by disturbing synchronicities: when she crosses paths with her cousin in front of the pyramid of Cheops, Céline knows she is on the right track.

Profoundly transformed by her initiatory journey, Céline now moves forward in life in harmony with her soul's mission: to transmit to humanity a message of peace, joy and love. After analyzing her experience, she therefore develops her own lessons, which are constantly evolving.

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She helps those who also wish to leave the mask to embody their authenticity, aligned with their soul; to take their place in this world.

She guides the pioneers on their journey of incarnation, inspiring a new way of being and of entrepreneurship refocused on people.

She supports people and organizations in the transition to this New World.

Céline Joyce Douay has given numerous online conferences and participated in numerous spirituality events. Her teachings, until now reserved for the French-speaking world, will soon be available in English. More than 5,000 people have already followed them. They thus became members of one of her three communities:

  • The Doers, "those who do", are so named by Céline because they take an active part in their personal transformation through her teachings;
  • The Souldiers, "Soldiers of the Soul", are entrepreneurs who have completed the education of multi-dimensional leadership through online mentoring and seminars from the Joyce Leader Transformation. Céline models for everyone, on the basis of their particular energy footprint, an aligned business concept;
  • The Switchers are influential personalities that Céline supports, face to face, and for whom she creates tailor-made personal and professional transformation programs.

Freed from the social shackles, souls rediscover the primary meaning of their path of life. Their sensitivity can finally blossom. Their creativity is expressed. Their ethical requirement contributes to peace. This energy of love and joy conveyed by Celine is all the more powerful as it inspires international leaders to put people back at the heart of the system and drive positive change in the world.

Born with rare and precious faculties, Celine has allowed herself to use them for the good of mankind. A powerful gift of ubiquity allows her to transfigure herself and even disappear in the eyes of his audience. Capable of connecting with the souls of the living as with those of the dead, she can scan life paths and precisely reveal missions of incarnation. Dialects from elsewhere were once transmitted to her. Through her mouth, they speak directly to the soul to heal it and activate dormant extra-sensory abilities there. Stemming from shamanism and hypnosis, the energy techniques developed by Céline are revolutionary. She assumes it with simplicity. She is a modern, smiling and spontaneous woman who will create a positive change in your life if you have the chance to meet her or follow her teachings.

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